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The Unique Charm of Cardiff

Drawing more than 10 million visitors annually, Cardiff as the centre of commercial, cultural activities in Wales has its unique charm. As a port, it plays a great role in the commercial activities. However, as a showpiece of some of the Roman artifacts and sponsor of modern sports events its fame is unrivalled. It largely exported coal from its docks and the rise and decline of coal imports had its own impact on the local economy in those days.

The Welsh War Memorial at Cathays Park and the National Museum at Cardiff are remarkable. The former is a fine piece of memorial monument dedicated to soldiers while the latter of course houses a remarkable collection of objects to kindle the curiosity of people regarding the evolution from the past to the present. Cathays Park also boasts of beautiful City Hall buildings particularly noteworthy for their fine façade.

Stadium House, South Gate House and City Centre Apartment Towers are a treat to watch and are very modern, elegant and tall structures. The Millennium Stadium and Cardiff Bay are equally fascinating. In the context of some great sports events promoted in this City it has been recognised as an International centre for games and sports.

From being a Roman Castle, transformation to Norman fort and subsequently modified as Gothic dreamland, the Cardiff Castle is undoubtedly unique in history and in its appearance. Its graceful exterior is matched by elegant internal atmosphere. It is breathtaking for viewing from outside and lives up to the merits of the majesty of the old times. What once served as the bastion of a Roman occupation today has a Halloween at the Centre. There are at least six sections in the Castle which must be eagerly and patiently seen. It leaves a lasting impression about the past, its struggle with the conquerors and the iron handed approach of the conquerors. It is of significance to note that now-a-days the interior is used for conducting corporate conferences, hosting parties and arranging get-togethers. Not often does every one have a chance to celebrate something in a castle of this magnificence and the memory must be very remarkable indeed.

The modified Cardiff Bay has a fresh water lake and many water sport events are attractions here. The Castel Roch is by comparison a recent structure: none the less it has its Victorian charm and visitors are thrilled at the interior grace and elegant foyer.

The Norwegian Church Arts Centre is a gift of a Norwegian group to Cardiff and it has its simple elegance and attraction. Techniquest is a place where you are thrilled to get full details about modern technological growth and the immense useful role science has in modern life. Llandaff Cathedral, a local synagogue and even a couple of Hindu temples add religious flavour to Cardiff!

John Lewis has come down to Cardiff and its facilities for shopping are amazing. There is everything available for everyone’s taste here. Shopping makes a delightful experience.

The high quality Welsh cooking has given Cardiff a unique niche in dining and drinking. Apart from specialties of local menu, one can get many European tastes and even Eastern style food here! People are highly appreciative of the care taken by the caterers to meet their needs. Each year there are many Food Festivals to proclaim the virtues of different food habits.

Hotels are aplenty in Cardiff. From Star hotels to budget hotels for ordinary tourists online booking is available, making it easy for the tourists to straight away reach their hotels. A plethora of cars, luxury buses, limos and other convenient types of vehicles for different groups of visitors make it easy for the tourists to finalise their travel arrangements within the city.

Cardiff is at once delightful and instructive, ancient and modern, relaxing and recreational. A visit will renew your energy beyond normal expectations.